We will do our best to have your satisfaction, about the high quality and cheaper price.

Step1. Customer

Once you find your matches car in our stock, Contact us, buy E-mail or Direct Call.

Step2. Car on track Trading

We will Check it in our stock and confirm you car, if it's in our stock yet or not.
If we have it in our stock, we will contact you soon and talk about instruction or payment.
If it's Not in our stock (sold out) we will take your order with Questions and try to buy it in USS Auto Auctions.

Explanation of USS Auto Auction

Step3. Customer

Once you are interested to buy our car in stock or Japanese Auto Auction. follow the payment rule.

Step4. Car on track Trading

When your payment is confirmed . we will take immediate arrangement for shipping it, to your country.

Step5. Car on track Trading

After the shipment we will send you the copy of the BL by Fax or E-mail

Step6. Car on track Trading

At the Last step we will send you the Bill of Lading and original document to you by EMS(Expresse Mail Service).